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Vijjacariya: Jurnal Pemikiran dan Pendidikan Buddhis

Vijjacariya Journal is a journal that contains Buddhist religious and religious education. The theme raised relates to the Development of Buddhist Education and Education. Vijjacariya journal is published regularly 2 times a year.

1. Development of Buddhist Education and Education

2. Learn and teach Buddhism

3. Development of Buddhist curriculum

4. Buddhist religious education technology

5. Evaluation of Buddhist religious education

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Jurnal Pelita Dharma

ISSN: 2962-8512(Online)| 2442-6482 (Print)
Editor in Chief: Sugeng, M.Pd.B.
Managing Editor: Jatayu Jiwanda DL., M.Hum.
Publisher: Sekolah Tinggi Agama Buddha Negeri Sriwijaya Tangerang Banten
Frequency: 2 issues per year (Juni and Desember)
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Jurnal Pelita Dharma (JPD) referred as an online journal that applies double-blind review for the submission, it publishes articles on, but limited to, Buddhism and Religion from various perspectives, covering both literary and fieldwork studies. Jurnal Pelita Dharma emphasizes aspects related to Religion and Buddhism Studies, especially in Indonesia, Southeast Asia and the World contexts.

Jurnal Pelita Dharma emphasizes research papers in the field of: 1) Buddhism and Science, 2) Buddhist Counseling, 3) Buddhist History Studies, 4) Buddhism and Culture, and 5) Buddhist Religious Traditions.

Pelita Dharma is a journal published by Program Studi Kepenyuluhan Buddha, which published twice a year in June and December. The articles in this journal are focused on research and literature review in religious and Buddhist studies scope.

Secretariat: Buddhist Counseling Study Program, Sriwijaya State Buddhist College Tangerang Banten. Edutown BSD City Street, Tangerang-Banten, 15339.

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Jurnal Ilmiah Kampus: Sati Sampajanna

Sati Sampajanna is an open access, peer-reviewed journal published twice a year in July and December.

Sati Sampajanna focuses on various research results, articles equivalent to research results related to Buddhism: integration between theory and practice in the areas of, but not limited to:

1. Character education, Religious education and Buddhism

2. Buddhist socio-religious

3. Buddhist Psychology and Philosophy

4. Spiritual and local wisdom

5. Engaged Buddhism

6. Buddhist Ethics


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Masdimas: Jurnal Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat

Journal of Masdimas: Community Service published by STABN Sriwijaya is a journal that contains scientific articles from various disciplines adopted in various community service activities and other applied research.

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Samma Ajiva: Jurnal Bisnis dan Manajemen Buddha

SAMMA AJIVA: Journal of Business and Management Buddhist. This journal is published twice a year in June and December. This journal focuses on writings on business and management Buddhism. Receive writing research articles and literature studies about business economics, management business, business ethics, consumer behavior, accountancy, taxation, business culture, economic philosophy, entrepreneurship, law in business, human resources, business communication, international business, banks and non-bank financial institutions, marketing management, economic theory and globalization, business application computer related to buddhist business, and management study program. This journal relates theory to practice in business and management.

This journal provides readers with consistent scientific literature access to the latest research on developments in the fields of business and management. Each journal edition published is the result of a careful and rigorous selection process carried out through a peer review process, so that the articles accepted are said to be of good quality. The target readers of this journal include academics, researchers, students, business practitioners and management who are interested in gaining insight into various aspects of business. This Buddhist Journal of Business and Management is not only the main reference source but can also facilitate the sharing of knowledge information related to business and management in facing challenges in today's global market.

Secretariat : Business and management Study Program, Sriwijaya State Buddhist College Tangerang Banten, Edutown BSD City Street, Tangerang-Banten, 15339.

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Nagasena: Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi Buddha

Nagasena: Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi Buddha is an academic publication focusing on the study and research of communication. It features a variety of scholarly articles encompassing theory, practice, and analysis of communication in various contexts, such as mass communication, interpersonal communication, organizational communication, digital communication, public relations, and journalistic. 

Each issue aims to deepen the understanding of communication dynamics by exploring contemporary issues, technological trends, and the social and cultural impacts of communication. Through rigorous peer-review, the journal ensures high-quality contributions that serve as essential references for academics, researchers, and practitioners, fostering constructive academic dialogue and advancing the communication discipline. Nagasena regularly publishes articles two times a year, in June and December. 

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Psikoanalisis: Jurnal Pendidikan Psikologi dan Konseling

Psikoanalisis is a journal published by Department of Buddhist Counseling Education and Psychology, STABN Sriwijaya which focuses on mainly issues in the development of Education, Psychology, and Counseling both in general and in relation to Buddhism, espesially in the field of: (1) Psychology, (2) Counseling, and (3) Counseling Education. Psikoanalisis is published twice a year, every June and December, containing papers/articles about the ideas and the research written by experts, educator, scientist, practitioners, and reviewers in the guidance psychology and counseling discipline/study.

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International Journal of Buddhist Thoughts and Studies (IJoBTS)

International Journal of Buddhist Thoughts and Studies (IJoBTS) aims to disseminate the study of Buddhism and other relevant areas for multidiciplinary, interdiciplinary and transdiciplinary inquiries, diversities of thoughts and studies that spread over the regions of Asia and expanded to all parts of the world including European, American, and African continent. IJoBTS seel to expand the diverse voices, research-based findings and perspectives in the academic study of Buddhism by featuring research from all parts of the world. In particular, it seeks to forum scholarly investigations from  scholars based on thier scientific endeavours. In the light of expanding the study of Buddhism, IJoBTS highly encourages research articles that explore the novelty of perspectiv, findings and evidences as well as methods while not disregarding the values of Buddhist studies and the teaching of the Lord Buddha.


  1. Buddhist Teachings and Philosophy: Research on core Buddhist teachings such as the Four Noble Truths, the Middle Way, Mindfulness, and Impermanence Concepts.
  2. Buddhist History: Analysis of the historical development of Buddhism, including the roles of significant figures, movements, organizations, and events.
  3. Buddhist Practices: Studies on meditation practices, rituals, and ceremonies within the Buddhist tradition, as well as their impact on the transformation of individuals and society.
  4. Buddhist Culture and Arts: Research on the influence of Buddhism in arts, literature, architecture, and other material culture across various geographical regions.
  5. Comparative Religious Studies: Comparisons between Buddhism and other religions, both in theological, philosophical, and spiritual practice aspects.
  6. Buddhism in Modern Context: How Buddhism adapts to and influences the modern world, including issues such as globalization, technology, and contemporary ethical challenges.
  7. Buddhism and Interdisciplinary Studies: The relationship between Buddhism and fields such as psychology, social sciences, political science, and other sciences.
  8. Buddhism and Society: Research on the role of Buddhism in shaping society, peace, social justice, and general welfare.
  9. Textual Critique and Analysis: Critical reviews of classical Buddhist texts, modern interpretations, and critical methodologies in religious studies.

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