Peran Manajemen Sumber Daya Manusia “ Sistem Rekrutmen, Seleksi, Kompetensi dan Pelatihan” Terhadap Keunggulan Kompetitif

Rumi Aisyah



This study aims to explore the concept of school performance appraisal using the balanced scorecard. Here, the authors attempt to describe the concept of a balanced scorecard that is applicable for the assessment of school performance. The methodology used is qualitative method that relies on a literature review of the literature and research journals. It was found that the concept of the balanced scorecard is a strategic alternative evaluation tool organization that focuses on financial performance. Balanced scorcard base its scoring on four aspects, namely financial, customer, internal business processes, and growth and development. Given the balanced scorecard approach emerged and developed within a business organization it is necessary to attempt modification before being used for the assessment of school performance. Therefore, in the context of the fourth school into a balanced scorecard assessment factors and infrastructure funds, students, curricular activities, and teachers and education personnel. It is expected that this study can contribute conceptually applicable to researchers and the public who will evaluate the performance of schools using a balanced scorecard approach.

Keywords: Balanced Scorecard, School Performance Assessment

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